This page is for RaggedOak and Aspenflame to work on plot. (HEYYYYYY ;) WHO'S HYPED?!?)

Wave's Amazing Plot Idea:

The case of missing Hazelburrow!

{Flowerkit Edit}

One the chat of purple, red, and pink......

Josh comes back!! Everyone gasps....

Then he "brb"s...will he ever come back??

(We were talking about it on the live chat so it counts)

[Willow edit! Am I allowed to do this? I like the band of rouges idea now. And maybe I was born in TpyoCaln, and was their depty, but left for BlogClan after my sister and brother Amberkit and Jaykit joined BlogClan.]

Storyline Edit


Mistykit and Flowerkit are bored, everything is peaceful, it's greenleaf, no one is sick or injured, they have more than enough prey, etc. They play a special game of moss-ball (when they previously played it, they hit Cakestar, who is now an elder, on the nose) and hit the current leader, Icestar (Iceflower), but she doesn't see who did it. The kits run and hide in the warriors' den, where Flowerstream is resting from an injury of some sort (fell off a tree, got a thorn in her paw, etc.) and Wavepaw (the medicine cat apprentice at this time) is there taking care of her. Wavepaw scolds the kits for disturbing Flowerstream, but Flowerstream laughs and asks them if they want a story, (our "storyteller elder") and the kits are very enthusiastic. Flower stream starts to tell them the first live chat story.

Cats in this chapter:

Mistykit & Flowerkit




Undecided warrior



Cakestar/[inset warrior suffix here]

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